Many control them with plain old rubbing alcohol. That is next to impossible for Hoya growers because dealers call plants by whatever names suit them. Although usually grown as a pendulous hanging basket plant in cultivation, in its habitat it is a tree climber. These are easily controlled by systemic insecticides, unless you are opposed to their use. Until recently it was thought that a true red hoya was not ever likely to appear but recent discoveries make that seem possible. Some say you should wash the alcohol off after it has done its job, but it isn't necessary. There's rarely a burned leaf. The flowers typically have stars in their crowns. Hoyas are also known as The Hindu Rope or Wax Plant. It is only by chance that hoyas are known today by the name Hoya. Jul 29, 2012 - Bought this with a Hoya curtisii label. The sheltered golf-ball leaves serve as homes for ants, whose wastes fertilise the host plant and the unsheltered leaves collect rain water which is utilised by the host plants during dry periods. One of the two clones of Hoya mindorensis, Schltr., from the Philippines, which are currently in circulation, comes very close to being a true red. The definition of succulent plants is similar: plants that store water in leaves, stems, or both. ex Hook. They come in the purest white, varying shades of pink from almost white to rubber-doll or bubble-gum pink, yellowish-pink, yellow, green, purple, brownish-red and brown. In the summer mine gets watered every 7 – 9 days. Hoya Heart Leaf Variegated. When your Hoya finishes blooming, leave the flower stalk, as it may produce new flowers. Temperature: Give them medium (50 degrees F/10 degrees C) to warm temperatures during the growing season—spring and summer. They grow by God and by guess or pure animal instinct and never lose a plant. The single flowered Hoya pauciflora, Wight makes up for its paucity by its flower size of nearly an inch and a half in diameter. We in Atlanta learned the hard way a few years ago that preying insects, which are not native to the area can create more problems than they solve. The waxy petals have a … I’ll talk more about Hoyas in another post, but keep this in mind; they have thick, juicy leaves which hold water like a succulent would. The result is leaves that are rolled up into ball shapes, looking much like green golf balls. Planting Hoya Flowers . Hoya linearis, Wall. They are wax-stemmed and produce beautiful flowers. If you aren’t super familiar with Hoya, which are one of my favorite pet safe plant families, they’re kind of a cross between a plant and a succulent. If you’re a fan of dinosaurs or if you want a succulent that’s playful and will put a smile on anyone’s face, this is the product for you. Hoya kerrii 'Variegata' (Variegated Sweetheart Hoya) is a slow-growing, semi-succulent plant with variegated heart-shaped leaves. Hoya leaves vary in size, texture, colour and venation. You need to give it the most suitable growing environment. If you want to grow it at your home. ex D. Don is covered with fine downy hair and greatly resembles masses of Spanish Moss (Tillandsia useneoides) hanging from trees in its native habitat. Pin down a stem, at the joint, in a moist rooting medium. In the winter I water it every 14 – 21 days. There are a few combinations to choose from, including long-necked herbivores and a t-rex. He studied medicine in Edinburgh but did not take a medical degree, preferring instead to study the plants that, at that time, all medical specialists depended upon as cures. Add this striking green succulent to your collection for a genuine statement. When curiosity gets the better of a novice grower, to the point that he or she orders an advertised catalogue, just to learn why anyone would have the nerve to advertise a catalogue with only one plant in it, shock often results from learning that Hoya is a genus comprised of around 200 different species, plus numerous cultivars. Hoya plants don't ask for much, beyond the well-draining soil and the warm humid conditions that many tropical flowers crave. Once they feed on the mealy bugs, they start looking for other food and that food may not be what you'd like them to feed on. Also when removed from their natural homes they must find other nesting places to their liking. Hoya Arnottiana plants come from the Himalayan regions of India and Nepal as well as China. The best method of pest control is still to avoid them in the first place. Br., Hoya pubicalyx). Others are thin and wiry with papery leaves. Propagate Hoyas by cuttings of top growth, or by leaf cuttings in the same manner as African Violets and Gloxinias. Some hoyas have leaves that are thin and translucent (Hoya coriacea, Blume); some are so thick and succulent that they look more like crassulas than hoyas (Hoya australis subsp. These plants have been enjoyed for decades and they are very popular among many home gardeners. The plants go semi-dormant in winter. The species of ants that occupy those tunnels are said to sting like the dickens and leave painful, itchy sores with days worth of scratching in their wake. Many Hoyas respond to a bit of lime in the potting mix but most of them do better in a very slightly acid compost. The Black Hoya is a succulent … The only other group of plants with pollinia are the Orchids. The ants live inside the tunnels and supply nourishment to the plants. Withhold food during the winter. If you’re interested in wax plant propagation, the most dependable technique is propagation via stem cuttings. Removing the stalk forces the plant to produce a new stalk, which delays blooming and wastes the plant's energy. Ants build their nests beneath the leaves and contribute to the plant's nourishment. $24.98. saniae, H. kerrii, and H. pachyclada. A popular species, Hoya shepherdii, Short ex Hook. These plants have been enjoyed for decades and they are very popular among many home gardeners. Some hoyas are woody; others are soft and succulent. The heart shaped leaves of this type of succulent are the reason why it’s also named love heart plant. ... Each link goes to another page with more about these succulent plants. Hoya kerrii, or Hoya Hearts, are tropical succulent vines that are often cultivated and sold as leaf cuttings. They are light feeders, and a monthly drink of compost tea or dilute fish emulsion provides all the nutrition these tropicals need. Hoyas will cling to a small trellis, providing a vertical accent in your tropical container garden. In some species, such as Hoya imbricata, Callery ex Decne., one of the leaves at each node (which are paired in most Hoya species) aborts and the single peltate leaf that remains, flattens itself against the trunk of its host tree and clings there, being held by numerous nodal roots. The easiest method of propagation is by layering. Hoya en Succulent. BACK TO genus Hoya His manuscript was not published until long after his death, it is said, because no publisher was willing to have his name associated with that of a traitor.