I sat in a hostel room in Maribor, northeastern Slovenia, hiking gear and packaged food strewn all over my bed. Julian Alps, Kamnik-Savinja Alps and Karavanks have thousand of kilometres of different hiking trails. This challenging hike takes you to Slovenia's highest mountain peak, Mt Triglav (2864 m), passing by the wonderful mountain glacial lakes in the Triglav Lakes Valley on your way down. It connects 49 mountain huts, 23 peaks, and 5 towns. Hiking Covering 440 km in total, the Kungsleden has amazing adventures to offer, no matter the time of year. The rest of the evening was spent chatting with the a Slovenian hiker who was also hiking the Slovenian Mountain Trail. Kitty Allinson 325 views. "The longest transversal hiking trail/route in Slovenia. Duration: 30 days Distance: 500+km Accommodation: Huts Wild Camping: No Walkopedia Link. A third and great option for Alpine hiking in Slovenia is the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, another Slovenian mountain Mecca. It starts from Maribor, crosses the Pohorje massive, the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, the Karawanken mountains, the Julian Alps as well as the Karst right to Ankaran on the Adriatic Sea. If you want to do a multi-day hike or simply enjoy a nice warm coffee and a satisfying meal on a higher altitude, you can choose from more than 180 mountain huts, shelters and bivouacs. Begin solo hiking the Slovenian Mountain Trail. Slovenia Trails is a new application for Slovenian hiking and biking trails. Marked trails, mountain huts, paths, natural and cultural points of interest, tourist infrastructure and everything else important for activities in the nature are represented here in detail. Marked trails lead from the valley to wild and untamed corners high in the mountains, including Triglav (2864 m), Slovenia's highest mountain. O The Slovenian Mountain Trail has no time limit. Sep 10, 2020 - Walk through the dynamic and untouched nature with 10,000 kilometres of marked hiking trails. The longest and the most popular trail is the Slovenian Mountain Trail. The trail is a part of the Slovenian Mountain Trail. Slovenian Mountain Trail Slovenia is a seriously underrated adventure travel destination, despite being home to some of Europe’s most picturesque lakes and the impressive Julian Alps. Information about mountain huts in Slovenia, accommodation, prices, food, and mountain huts maps. Bovec Prisank-Klettersteig unterer Bereich 17072018 3945.jpg 7,360 × 4,912; 28.42 MB Guidebook to trekking the Slovene Mountain Trail or Transverzala, 550km across Slovenia. This was the first clue that we were, perhaps, a taddy-bit unprepared for the rigors of Alpine hiking. It starts in Maribor and goes as far as the Adriatic sea. Other hiking trails in different Alpine regions were set up later following the Slovenian example. The plant life along the trail is more vibrant in lower altitude areas and the vegetation can be organized according to altitude - namely pine forest, birch forest and mountain tundra. Of course, you won’t bypass the most beautiful Alpine peaks. This tour is for all who wish to experience a variety of hikes in rugged high mountain terrain, which will reward your efforts with the beautiful natural sights of western Slovenia. and association Hiking&biking GIZ. The Slovenian Mountain Trail (SMT) is a popular hiking trail from the alpine village of Maribor to the coastal town of Ankaran. +386 51 338 559 hello@geko-adventures.com. On this particular section is best to stay overnight in Frischaufov dom and next day continue to KamniÅ¡ko sedlo. You can choose from 175 mountain huts or spend a night in hotels and camps for hikers. We can start the hike in Maribor, Ankaran, or anywhere else. Media in category "Slovene Mountain Trail" The following 8 files are in this category, out of 8 total. First transversal hiking trail in the Alps The Slovenian Mountain Trail spreads across the majority of Slovenian mountains. Some trails (e.g. Slovenian Mountain Trail, the oldest connecting trail in the world, was created in 1953. The great news for mountain hikers is that Slovenia offers memorable trail experiences in a less-frequented part of the Alps. It crosses Slovenia’s most impressive mountain ranges, including the Julian Alps, Kamnik-Savinja Alps, Pohorje Massif, and the Karawanks. It is said that to be a true Slovene, you must climb Triglav - and out of the many routes up this iconic peak, this is arguably the best known and most scenic. Hiking adventures. Discover the Slovenian Alps is an 8-day group hiking adventure along some of Europe’s most scenic hiking trails. The first transversal hiking trail in Europe (from 1953). The Slovenian Mountain Trail. If a stamp is missing, a photo can be used instead, but for a maximum of 5 % of checkpoints. Visit website. This mammoth trek in Slovenia is known as the Slovenska Planinska Pot (Slovenian alpine long-distance trail) and is the oldest trekking trail in Europe. Hiking the Slovenian Mountain Trail - Duration: 15:44. It comes in at 599km, which if we’re being honest, feels slightly like whoever designed the trail was just trolling people who like round numbers. ! 15:44. Speed Mountain Running – five 4000m peaks in 7h 45min - Duration: 3:11. With days on the Slovenian Mountain Trail, our shoes had holes in them and we had downsized our packs twice. Established in 1953, It’s one of the oldest long distance mountain trails in the world and constantly … It was the first transversal hiking trail in the Alps. Application was developed in cooperation with company Monolit d.o.o. Anyway all that are interested in Slovenian Mountain Trail (first European marked mountain trail at all) should know that despite some inclines first and last third of it could be called hiking but the middle third is on some sections very demanding mountaineering or almost climbing!! The so-called Slovenian Mountain Hiking Trail begins in the City of Maribor and runs on the Pohorje Range and then, via the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, the Karavanke, the Julian Alps and pre-alpine hills, it descends onto the Karst Plateau and ends on the Debeli Rtič Cape on the Adriatic Sea. Beginning at Maribor near the Austrian border to Ankaran on the Adriatic coast, the route is described as a series of 3 to 6-day treks through the region of Pohorje and the limestone mountains of the Karavanke and Kamnik-Savinja and Julian Alps. It is a great tool for everyone who like to discover new places and enjoy Slovenian beauties. The Slovenian Mountain Hiking Trail in the Soča Valley. Enjoy yourself among green forests, picturesque peat bogs and river rapids. Throughout, the trail is well marked with Knafelc blazes (a white dot surrounded by a … The guy had started the same day as me in Maribor and we almost crossed paths several times over the previous few days, but I definitely remembered seeing him at the last mountain hut. Triglav summit) require a full via ferrata kit as well. Waymarks in the Slovenian Alps. One of the interesting spots are the Lovrenc Lakes, while you can also refresh yourself in one of the numerous lodges and huts along the way. Until 1991, the Slovenian Mountain Trail was named the Slovenian Mountian Transversal No.1, leading from Maribor to Koper. The Slovenian Mountain Trail is the longest, but also the most popular, long-distance trekking route in Slovenia. The Julian Alps The Knafelc blaze with subscript of 1 is the marker you will follow the entire way if you are hiking the Slovenian Mountain Trail (SMT), or Slovenska Planinska Pot in Slovene. It’s marked by Knafelc blazes and the number 1. Hiking trails are marked with the red Knafeljc waymark, which is a red circle with a white center. Maps of Alpine Association of Slovenia (PZS – Planinska zveza Slovenije) in the map scale 1 : 25.000 are one of the most useful navigation tools for visitors of Slovenian mountains. It runs from Maribor to Ankaran and traverses the entire Slovenian part of the Alps, as well as a wide part of the subalpine world. In the Slovenian mountains, there’s always a danger of rockfall (hence the helmet). The 599km long trail connects forty-nine mountain huts, twenty-three peaks, and five towns. It takes you from Maribor, the foot of the Pohorje Hills, all the way to Ankaran on the Slovenian coast. The Slovene Mountain Trail — also known as the Slovenska Planinska Pot, SPP-1 and Transversala — is a nearly 350 mile continuous trail criss-crossing Slovenia through the Alps and to the Mediterranean Sea. 3) Slovenian Mountain Trail, Slovenia. Home > Summer > Hiking > Mountain trails The Soča Valley boasts the tallest and mightiest peaks of the Julian Alps. This 28-stage Slovenian long-distance trail begins in Maribor, crosses the Pohorje Hills, Kamnik Savinja Alps, Karavanke Alps, Julian Alps, and ends at Debeli Rtič on the Adriatic Sea. Slovenian Mountain Trail. Located south of the Karavanke range, the Kamnik-Savinja Alps also boast a glacier, the Skuta Glacier, which is the easternmost glacier in the Alps. When choosing the right trail, it all comes down to your own personal preference. The Slovenian Mountain Hiking Trail or Slovenian Transverzala is an unforgettable Alpine journey, which shines in the area when the mighty Julian Alps ascend above the emerald green Soča River to reach towards the sky: Triglav (2,864 m), the highest Slovenian peak, In the following posts, we share what we learned about terrain, equipment, cost, accommodation Slovenian Alps offer an endless variety of hiking trails. This wonderful trail will take you 28 days, and you’ll cover 599 km. The longest and most popular track in Slovenia is the Slovenska planinska pot (Slovenian alpine long-distance trail) which is also the oldest hiking track in Europe. In Slovenia’s Julian and Kamnik-Savinja Alps you’ll find the quintessential elements of the Alpine landscape–soaring peaks, deep forests, lovely mountain villages, and flower-bedecked meadows. See more ideas about Slovenia, Mountain huts, Hiking trails. I was planning to start walking the Slovenian Mountain Trail the following day but I still knew almost nothing about it. An honorary badge is awarded to anyone who hikes the entire Slovenian Mountain Hiking Trail and collects all the stamps in their Logbook (from Maribor to Debeli rtié). Julian Alps Hiking Circle; UTVV trekking Vipava Valley; Lake Bled with Triglav 7 lakes trekking Answer 1 of 26: Hello, I am planning on visiting Slovenia end of May / early June, main plan is to hike a part of the 600km long Slovene Mt Trail. The best-known among Slovenian mountain hikers is the Slovenian mountain trail, the oldest connecting trail in the world, established in 1953. More Trail Signage; The White dot with Red circle around it is the Knafelc blazes. Logar Valley