Carpetgrass is a native grass to the interior Gulf states and similar tropical climates.Weeds and Bermuda grass can be crowded out by its thick sod. The best defense against carpetweed in lawns is a healthy, well-maintained turf. Carpet grass serves as a cover crop and temporary grass. A Beautiful Lawn Substitute. Finally! Once the carpet grass turns brown, remove it from your lawn … According to Clemson University, carpet grass will not survive in very dry soil. Care Of Carpet Grass. This grass substitute is resistant to frost and never needs to be mowed. Seed the area with the type and species of grass turf predominant in the lawn. I mix 3 oz per gallon and spray liberally on the Carpet Grass and surrounding areas, then wait till I … It is the ideal lawn alternative that everyone has been asking for. Carpetgrass (Axonopus) is a slow-growing, medium-green (and sometimes greenish yellow), coarsely textured turfgrass that is adapted to low-maintenance, general-purpose turf.It prefers full sun to moderate shade and performs well in wet, shady, acidic soils where other grasses may not. Again, a grass drill is the most effective means of seeding carpetgrass. Use the directions on the label package for the amount of seed to broadcast. A grass drill can also be used effectively for planting carpetgrass seed. Description. You can use either seed or springs to establish your Carpet Grass lawn. Carpet grass has flat runners (stolons), wide leaves and rounded tips. Irrigate and fertilize according to grass species. Keep the new grass mowed to 2 1/2 inches. The grass drill is actually the most effective method for establishing Carpet Grass. Carpetgrass is a warm-season perennial grass that is common in the southeastern part of the United States, especially in poorly drained soils that are moist on a constant basis. It is a good grass for erosion control and is a low maintenance grass on low fertility soils and can thrive if not mown without the addition of fertilizers. Carpetgrass gets its name from the carpet-like mats the grass forms on a lawn were established. Carpet grass, while a very different species, needs the same care and looks very similar in a lawn to centipede except that it produces a crabgrass-like seed head, and does not have hairs along the edges of the leaves. I have tried all the above mentioned formulas for ridding my lawn of carpet grass with very little success. It resembles centipedegrass and St. Augustinegrass in leaf density but is lighter green in color. Seeding is, however, more cost efficient and usually easier. Do not water the carpet grass, and it should whither and die. Blade: Pointed with notch. Color/Texture: Light green, dense, soft. Carpetweed in Lawns. Growth: Grows low, almost horizontal to the ground Carpetgrass Seed - Carpetgrass is primarily used in lawn, pasture and landscape applications in the south. Carpetgrass is used in coastal and low lying areas. This grass has the ability to withstand saturated soils and will tolerate periods of standing water. You can distribute seeds and rake lawn lightly to cover the seeds or you can use a grass drill. And I do mean little.What I have found though, what really works well is Image “Kills Nutsedge”. For large plantings, where a quick cover is not critical, plant 15 to 20 pounds of carpetgrass seed per acre. Rake the lawn lightly after seeding to help cover the seed. Choose a type of lawn grass that grows well in your area, and maintain it according to the needs of the specific type of grass.. Irrigate the lawn when there is less than 1.5 inches of rain in a week and fertilize regularly. Ruschia lineolata 'Nana', also known as Dwarf Carpet of Stars, is surpassing everyone's expectations! If you wish to get rid of carpet grass, your best bet might be to wait until the hot summer months.