Peppermint Kush is a 90% almost pure indica strain that will satisfy the palates of cannabis connoisseurs and casual stoners alike. THC: 24%. Lab Data. Not to be confused with Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies or LA Kush Mints, the Kush Mints strain was created by Seed Junky Genetics by crossing Bubba Kush and Animal Mints strains. This gassy cultivar comes from crossing Orange Cookies with Kush Mints. As a balanced hybrid, this strain has a wonderful aroma of citrus and gassy fruitiness while giving consumers a joyful and uplifting buzz. It has a whopping 31.5% THC, and I recommend waiting about 15 minutes for the full effects to kick in. The aroma is of earthy sweet woods and rich spicy coffee with a kick of mint. The result is a proper showcasing of the Orange Cookies with the power of the Kush Mints. From the number of citrus terps in this strain, you’d think the strain would be more energizing. Orange Kush Mint. Gelato 33 is a strain I’m very familiar with so when I saw it crossed with Mint Chocolate Chip and Cookies & Cream, I had to get it, forget about it! I would be lying if I said I went to Harmony for this strain. Garlic Mints hybrid cannabis strain is a product of elite plant genetics from parents GMO and Animal Mints. While some are counting on an uplifting and motivating set of effects, more often than not, users claim that this strain is relaxing both mentally and physically. This balanced hybrid strain is said to have a strong minty flavor, hence the name. The dominant blended strain is 90% Indica and 10% Sativa. Weed Reviews Wed, January 23, 2019 8:30am URL: Embed: If you liked this post, say thanks by sharing it. It crosses Animal Mints and the classic Bubba Kush, resulting in a high-THC hybrid with a unique, mint taste. Kush Mints is a cross of Bubba Kush pollen and the clone-only Animal Mints strain bred by Seed Junky Genetics in Southern California. Honeydew Farm Presents - Orange Kush Mint eases the body into relaxation while lifting moods with a sweet and tangy citrus flavor. This strain was a collab between Seed Junky Jbeezy and his new business partner the Cookie Fam. Flowering: 60 - 70 days Yield: Medium Indoor / Outdoor: Indoor Outdoor Climate: Hot Temperate Cool Quantity available: 1 Listing created Oct 24, 2020 $750 per ea. Mint Kush has a sharp minty taste with hints of fresh coffee and earthy sugar to it. The result is a strain that is able to capture the flavors of both chocolate and mint. It’s the result of crossing Durban Poison with OG Kush. Secret Cookie x Kush Mints Strain Review. The cold dessert and the strain are some of my favorite things in life. 10+ Regular seeds. Kush Mints needs to be tightly sealed or your cover is blown. Platinum Kush Mints. It is a very sound strain. Varietal type: Hybrid Gender: Reg. The aroma is of earthy sweet woods and rich spicy with a hefty kick of mint. Find phenotypes, comments + detailed profiles, flowering-time, THC-Content, images, prices & stores, extended family-tree & lineages, crossings & hybrids, grow-journals, direct-comparisons, medicinal properties, and much more! Kush Mints Cannabis Strain Information. Worth the pickup from @thc.pdx, plus their budtenders are seriously top class, so it’s always nice to stop in for a bit and chat with people. This stuff is gorgeous, delicious, and classically powerful. I originally went for Pugs breath but had to settle for PKM, and boy I don't regret it! Effects: Happy, Sleepy. But on the contrary, it’s an 80/20 indica-dominant with other relaxing terps. Sunset Mints Strain Review. Animal Mints is a delicious instant mood-boosting hybrid strain. For today we have decided to cover the Chocolate Mint OG strain. London Pound Cake #75 by Cookie Fam crossed to Seed Junky's Kush Mints #11. Perfect for any fan of a super minty flavor, Kush Mints Strain brings on well-balanced effects that hit both mind and body with a high level of potency thanks to its super heavy 22-24% average THC level. While Bubba Kush is a famous, mythical strain from the ’90s, Animal Mints is a relatively new Cookies cross from Seed Junky Genetics. Kush Mints is a potent combination of an earthy, fuel flavor and hints of fresh mint. If you’re expecting Kush Mint to be as refreshing as her flavor, you’d better think again. The buds of Kush mints strain are dark green and purple with orange hairs grown alongside. Fun Fact: This strain is a super unique collaboration from Cookies x Seed Junky Genetics. Momentan haben wir 3 Kush Mints Sorten in der SeedFinder Cannabis-Sorten-Dantenbank gelistet - klicke einfach auf die jeweiligen Sorten um dir genauere Informationen ueber die einzelnen Kush Mints Versionen der verschiedenen Cannabis-Zuechter anzeigen zu lassen. CT Medical Marijuana Patients ONLY!!!!! Talking about the taste, you will love its sweet lemony pine once you smoke it. Cannabinoid Range . Perfect for any fan of a super minty flavor, Kush Mint brings on well-balanced effects that hit both mind and body with a high level of potency thanks to its super heavy 22-24% average THC level. Discover Kush Mints weed and read reviews of the effects and feelings cannabis consumers report from this marijuana strain. Kush Mints is a popular strain in the Cookies family. This indica tests at over 30% THC and is an excellent strain to enjoy when you need some deep relaxation. Know your medicine. This strain is resistant to most pests and mold and has long, dense buds with many orange hairs and trichome crystals. You may not feel super stoned, unless you overdo it, but for the most part, a mellow happiness may permeate your body from head to toe. This is a cross between the Famous Mint Cookies strain and the Og Kush strain. Perfect for any fan of a super minty flavor, Kush Mintz brings on well-balanced effects that hit both mind and body with a high level of potency thanks … I’m a Gelato guy. Description. Perfect for any fan of a super minty flavour, this strain brings on well-balanced effects that hit both mind and body with a high level of potency. Kush Mints Strain Review. Among a couple other things I got the Gelato Mint on recommendation. For review today we have a popular strain called Kush Mints, by Seed Junky Genetics! If you’re searching for an award-winning strain, you’ll be delighted to hear Mint Cookie was a finisher in the 2014 Seattle Cannabis Cup and has become quite popular on the west coast since. THC: 30.1% . Strong Euphoric Relaxed About Reviews (0) Peppermint Kush: A Refreshing Yet Relaxing Strain. Secret Cookies x Kush Mints Strain is created through a potent cross of the classic Secret Cookies x Kush mints. Peppermint Kush cannabis strain by Barney's Farm is a nearly pure Indica dominant hybrid with a potent THC average of 22%. This is a potent combination, bringing to the table Platinum OG Kush’s frost covered, earthy fuel flavor along with notes of minty doughy funk. Mint Kush is an evenly balanced hybrid strain of 50:50 ratio. Original Breeder: Seed Junky Genetics. The buds are small to medium sized, nice and dense, but not super chemically enhanced dense like some of the poor locally grown flower I’ve seen lately. It smells and tastes peppery and minty, making for an aromatic hybrid.Plants grow to medium heights with a gorgeous blend of colours and dense colas. Lineage/Genetics: Sunset Sherbert x Kush Mints #11. Kush Mintz is an evenly balanced hybrid strain created through a potent cross of the classic Bubba Kush X Animal Mints strains. Kush Mints is a hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Animal Mints with Bubba Kush.The result is a high THC strain with a unique minty taste.Kush Mints provides effects that are uplifting and happy.This strain has a complex flavor profile that tastes like mint and cookies. Mint Cake is a potent cross between Lemon Pound Cake and Kush Mints. Chocolate Mint OG is a cross between OG Kush and Granddaddy Purple. Secret Cookie x Kush Mints exhibits both mental cerebral and body physical effects. Kush Mints. Genetics: Kush Mints F1 Rabid Hippies Cut X Kush Mints F1 #11. Unabhängige Infos über Seed Junky Genetic's Cannabis-Strain Kush Mints! The strain was produced by the breeding of parent strains Stella Blue and Nepali Kush. In-House Genetics’ Platinum Kush Mints is a combination of two powerful cultivars, Platinum OG Kush and Seed Junky Genetics’ Kush Mints (Bubba Kush x Animal Mints). CBD: 1%. Kush Mints Strain is an evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) created through a potent cross of the classic Bubba Kush X Animal Mints strains. 19%-27% *Testing Results vary per batch. Mint Effect. They say you may be inclined to … This indoor grown strain has a distinct aroma of freshly baked cookies, and a light earthy taste. I didn't, I was pretty bummed out there hasn't been alot of options lately. Kommentare, Blüte-Zeit, THC-Gehalt, Bilder, Preisvergleich & Shops, Stammbaum, Kreuzungen & Hybriden, Growreports, Phänotypen, Sorten-Vergleiche, medizinische Eigenschaften und vieles mehr! You’ll feel a slam of euphoria followed by a heady lift that launches you into a state of pure happiness. Grower: Farmer in the Hole. The buds have a sweet, citrus aroma with a hint of earthy pine. I was sold on Kush Mints bringing a balanced high, but I found it much more relaxing than described. The properties of both the parent weeds are associated with Kush Mints, leading to the impact that Kush Mints provide to its users. CT Weed Reviews Dispensary STRAIN Review: KUSH MINTS by Advanced Grow Labs available at The Healing Corner NOW!!! OG Kush Mints is an indica dominant strain that is quite popular for its enticing aroma and brilliant experience that it offers. Relaxation mode sets in rapidly as stress departs your body and the mind elevates to a happy, pleasant place, according to users. Recently, I hit The Bakeree in North Seattle en route to an event. Hier findest du alle "Kush Mints" Cannabis-Sorten, und auch diejenigen welche mit "Kush Mints" beginnen oder auf "Kush Mints" enden! This strain will induce serious couch-lock effects and relieve any stress. Personal Experience. Independent, standardized information about Seed Junky Genetic's cannabis-strain Sunset Sherbert x Kush Mints #11! I was having trouble finding a nighttime strain that were stoney enough for me, and the genetics certainly fit the bill. If you’re a fan of mint and dessert strains, you’re in for a big treat with this one! 18+ Check out Dabbin Dad for all your strain information. The experts at Seed Junky have crossed a Kush Mints phenotype with several other hybrids, including Animal Cookies and Wedding Cake. Chocolate Mint OG is bread by Humboldt Seeds. Share this: Filed Under: videos Tagged With: advanced … Platinum Kush Mint. Kush Mint is a perfectly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) created through a potent cross of the classic Bubba Kush X Animal Mints strains.. It’s hard not to over do it on this strain, since it’s so delicious. I've had strains subsided my pain temporarily but this almost eliminates the pain. Kush Mints strain is the part of Cookies family created as a hybrid of Animal Mints and the classic Bubba Kush. As your mind creeps higher and higher, your body will begin to drift away into a relaxing state that is very sedative and heady, often leading to a long and peaceful sleep. Hey YouTube, I'm back with another video!