The average person in the U.S. consumes about three cups of coffee per day. In fact, in consumption per capita, the U.S. doesn’t even rank in the top ten. In the U.S., love coffee (average consumption among coffee drinkers is about 3.1 cups per day in the United States) but we love our specialty coffees even more. By absolute volume, the United States is the largest market for coffee, followed by Germany and Japan. Netherland (8.4 kg per capita) There are various Do’s and Don’ts in the Netherland. According to the International Coffee Association, people living in Finland annually consumes 1,262 cups of coffee, a world record. That’s more than 25 pounds of coffee in a year on average. Coffee is the magic world in this winter wonderland for people as they consume coffee in what could easily be construed as unhealthy amounts. They grind their way through an impressive 12kg per person per year, according to stats from the International Coffee Organization. Finnish coffee is usually prepared from lightly roasted coffee beans. It seems Finland’s neighbors Norway, […] Wherever you go, the minute you walk in the door, someone will pop the question would you like a cafezinho? Comments: expand all: collapse all: sort by: votes date direction: ascending descending. It is typical for a Finn to drink coffee continuously throughout the day, often accompanied by a sweet bun or a sandwich. Weighing in at 8.7 kg of coffee per capita per year, Denmark takes 4th on our list. They grind their way through an impressive 12kg per person per year, according to stats from the International Coffee Organization (ICO). Coffee enthusiast Finland, the coldest countries in Europe, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Switzerland followed. Finland's northern European neighbours are … Luxembourg. Top 50 Coffee Consuming Countries Finland : 9.6 kg per capita Drinking about 1.9 cups of coffee per day, about 14.33 pounds is the per capita rate in … You may be surprised to know Brazil is ranked tenth in terms of coffee consumption per capita because it has been the world's largest producer of coffee beans for the last 150 years. Many social aspects of coffee can be seen in the modern-day lifestyle. … Finland - Most Coffee Lover Country Finland drinks 12 kilograms per capita every year, according to the research conducted by the International Coffee Organization. During this period, Norway,… The United States is the world’s largest market for coffee. Specialty coffee sales are increasing 20% every year. Each person in the top 15 caffeine addicted countries with the highest coffee consumption in the world consumes on average between 5.5 kg and 12 kg of coffee. Similar to other European nations, coffee gained popularity in Norway in the 18th century. For total coffee consumption, Euromonitor combined the volume of coffee per capita that retail stores sold to consumers and that food service outlets purchased to brew. We’ve mapped the world according to coffee consumption per capita – and it’s the Finns that come out on top. To better understand how much Finland dominates, we calculated Western Europe’s annual consumption average, excluding Finland. Annual consumption per capita is just over 4 kg compared with around 5 kg on average in Europe. Europe has the highest per capita coffee consumption worldwide. “A day without coffee is like … a day without coffee !” The United States is currently the world's largest market for coffee. 0 . Consumption in Europe varies from around 10 kg per capita per year in the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, The UK only drinks 2.8kg of coffee per year - about a cup a day, and ranks 46th globally. On average, the Netherlands consumes nearly double the coffee per capita that the next country, Finland, does. The Finnish people drink coffee with every occasion or non-occasion and the post-church luncheons are also usually all about the brown beans. Which country is most fond of the much-loved coffee bean? Statistics show that the annual per-capita coffee consumption in Finland and Japan is 1,200 and 180 cups, respectively, compared with six cups on the Chinese mainland. In Finland, coffee is considered to be a social experience and is often shared among groups of friends. This is highest in the Nordic countries (Norway, Finland, Iceland, and Sweden). We don't have to fight about it: Finns lead by a wide margin. What is wrong with you people?! Coffee is so popular in Finland that two 10-minute coffee breaks are legally mandated for Finnish workers. Weight is presented as Green Bean Equivalent (GBE). European countries favor coffee more than any other countries. Coffee is the national beverage in Brazil, and coffee is actually cafezinho (ca-fay-zee-nyo), which is almost a synonym for welcome in the country. On the other end of the scale was India with 0.003 kg, Ghana with 0.010 kg and Mauritania with 0.010 kg. 1 pound roasted coffee = 1.19 pounds of green coffee beans. Coffee Consumption Trends in Europe. Finland - 12 kilograms (26 lbs.) The top five countries in coffee consumption per capita: That’s 12 kilograms of coffee per person in Finland each year. Sep 6, 2011 #4 wuliheron. Finland has the highest coffee consumption per capita in the world, averaging 12 kilograms (26 lb) of coffee per person annually. Finland consumes the most coffee per capita in the whole world made by Exde. The top three of the pile are Netherlands, Finland and Sweden, who have an average per capita coffee consumption of over 7. I try and try to increase the coffee consumption per capita in the US, but I'm only one person! Black … Annual consumption per capita in Europe varies from more than 8 kg on average in the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) to around 3 kg in the United Kingdom and most of Eastern Europe. Scandinavian countries also have high coffee consumption rates: … The country imports nearly all its coffee from developing nations with Brazil as its leading supplier. Based on a comparison of 152 countries in 2017, Luxembourg ranked the highest in coffee consumption per capita with 24.8 kg followed by Laos and Finland. Annual consumption per capita is just over 4 kg compared with 5 kg on average in Europe. Do keep an eye … If you ever go in Finland, visit someone’ The European Union (EU) has one of the world’s highest average annual per capita consumption at just above 5 kg of coffee per person a year. Well anyway, here’s what their 2013 data revealed about the amount of coffee consumed by country per capita (per person on average). Highest Consumption per Capita: Finland With a staggering 11.7 kg of coffee consumed annually, Finland is the absolute leader of this metric. Finland is No. ... there were abour four things to do in Finland in for most of the year: Drink Vodka, drink coffee, play checkers, and look at the snow, and in that order. Per capita consumption of coffee in Belgium and the Netherlands 2013 U.S. share of instant coffee consumption by ethnicity 2020 Share of past-day coffee … That’s less than 1/3 a liter per day per person, which I read to mean that there aren’t as many coffee drinkers in the United States as many would like to believe. Coffee consumption per capita is the average weight of coffee, in kilograms, consumed annually by each person in a given country or region. By the way, SATW "coffee consumption by country data " was from the year 2002. While 2.6 million tons of coffee was consumed in the European Union countries, Finland with a consumption of more than 12 kilograms per capita per year, Finland has settled at the top of the world. At the moment Finland is number one ;) Top Coffee Consuming Countries; Finland: 9.6 kg per capita Norway: 7.2 kg per capita Netherlands 6.7 kg per capita Slovenia: 6.1 kg per capita Austria: 5.5 kg per capita Following is a chart ranking the top 15 countries in coffee consumption per capita in 2013. Consumers in the country focus on the quality and variety of coffee. I can only drink so much coffee! However, United States is not the biggest coffee consumer in the world, despite its size. 2. Denmark. The world's 20 biggest coffee drinkers (in kg per capita per year) Finland - 12 The leading country in per capita consumption in the world is Finland, where the average annual coffee consumption is 12 kg per capita. A significant amount of imports are re-exported to Russia as green or roasted coffee. Finland is the biggest consumer of coffee globally on a per-person basis—the average Finn drinks nearly four cups a day. 1 in the world for coffee consumption per capita, according to data collected by market research provider Euromonitor International. 3 years ago #9742002 4 . Finland has the highest per capita coffee consumption rate in the world at 26.5 pounds of coffee per year. It is known to be a part of their custom and a tradition in Finland. In 2017, the country imported 66,587 tonnes of coffee. But the second surprise of the list is that the top coffee consuming country is Finland, … Because this average of 12kg per capita per annum is generally achieved after weeding out the children for the fuzzy math. In 2017, the green coffee re-exports amounted to 7.1 thousand tonnes representing only 1.1% of Europe’s … Canada, Australia, Sweden and New Zealand are also large coffee-consuming countries. The continent has a per capita consumption of 5 kg (11lbs) of coffee each year. 1. The Finns' affinity for this hot beverage could stem from the extremely cold temperatures that are experienced in the country. DarkMage7280 39.