Our MBChB course is one of the most competitive in the UK and is recognised for the quality of its teaching and assessment. The cut-off score for interview varies each year, since BSMS started to use BMAT to select for interview the cut off scores have been: 2019 entry: BMAT cut-off 16.1 or above. The minimum score out of 28 to receive an interview invite was 16.1. BMAT Section 3 score is also taken into consideration during the interview stage of the selection process. A minimum cut off of 3.0 in section 1 and 2 and 2.5C is used. BMAT total score calculated through a sum of one’s BMAT Section 1, 2 and 3 scores, although BMAT Section 3 is given half the weighting of the first two sections. Liked Exeter but “don’t have anything to compare with” and last year their interview cut off was Tier 2 ie everyone interviewed pre A levels was predicted 3 A*! UCL: There is no cut-off as BMAT scores are used alongside the UCAS application. The BioMedical Admissions Test (or BMAT) is an aptitude test that applicants for some medical, dental and veterinary schools are required to sit as part of the admissions process. 3 rd . GAMSAT: N/A: Academic Requirements: GSCE The minimum cut offs used in 2019 were at least 3.5 in each of S1 and S2 and at least 2.5C in S3. BMAT: Cut off score: In 2019 the cut-off scores were: Section 1 - 3.5 Section 2 - 3.5 (With a minimum of sections 1 + 2 = 8.6) Section 3 - 2.5C The cut off score varies year of year, so please use this as a guide only. QS World Rankings 2021 . Our BMAT cut-off point for 2019 entry was a cumulative score of 16.1. Reflecting the high standards we strive towards, the School was delighted to receive its sixth ASPIRE to EXCELLENCE award from the Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE) for its outstanding performance in the area of Social Accountability. Others don’t operate with a cut-off. For a rough guide, for 2019 entry the minimum scores were: 4.1, 4.2 and 2.5C. World top 100 university . BMAT: Average score 2019: 13.40 Cut off score: none used Average BMAT Score: Average BMAT score for applicants who attended interview: 2019: 13.40 2018: 10.95 2017: 11.29 Weighing: 100%, applicants who meet the minimum entry requirements are ranked based on their BMAT score to invite to interview. Approximately one-third of BMAT universities operate a strict BMAT cut-off, where applicants scoring below this cut-off threshold are given a direct rejection. Imperial College London: BMAT score is taken into consideration during the interview selection process. International applicants BMAT cut-off 15.8 or above. 2018 entry: BMAT cut-off 16.4 or above; 2017 entry: BMAT cut-off 17.3 or above; 2016 entry: BMAT cut-off 16.1 or above This means the cut-off changes each year, but previous years may be used as guide. The University of Leeds do not operate a strict BMAT cut-off. Medical schools have a ton of strong applicants that they need to whittle down. What is the BMAT cut-off? Leeds is a great place to study and we welcome students from across the globe to study with us. Dr Alan Mighell, Dean of the School of Dentistry. A cut-off score is calculated using the ranked candidate BMAT scores vs number of interview sessions. The two-hour pen-and-paper test was developed by Cambridge Assessment to help … Top 100. The difficulty of the BMAT allows them to begin this filtration process more easily. Your chances of being short-listed rest on a number of factors, although we do rely heavily on BMAT scores and GCSE performance (where available) during short-listing.